Nursery News

May 2, 2017

A few last minute additions under the Other Useful Plants heading which are not in the catalog, and which will have descriptions eventually in the catalog:

Allium tricoccum,wild leek(culinary)

Amaranth sp. ‘Hopi Red Dye’ (culinary, ornamental)

Mentha x,peppermint(tea, medicinal, culinary)

Origanum vulgare, oregano(culinary, medicinal)

April 26, 2017

A quick update concerning ‘the state of the nursery’. Almost everything has wintered-over beautifully, both in the ground and in pots. Very little mouse damage or death by cold. As a result, our selection is not only full but also the divisions are robust, which means better quality plants for the public. On another note, though we say we open on May 15 on the website, our sign just says ‘May’. Because people have taken an interest in visiting the nursery at this time we will be going with the sign and opening on the 5th. Do bear in mind that not all plants are available at this early date. Of course the display gardens are just waking. If and whenever you do arrive we are looking forward to seeing old customers and new.

February 9, 2017 –

Here is a new webpage for the Campo di Fiori website. The intention of this page is to keep customers up-to-date concerning the goings-on of the nursery. Not only will this be the place to check for any spontaneous changes in nursery hours, but also the place to see what might be new or deleted from the catalog, among other things. We continue to refine and diversify the catalog to meet our need as growers but also to present what we believe are some of the very best plants to grow for their particular niche. Once again, we are a small nursery which limits the amount of plants we can grow, for various reasons, but believe this also helps us to focus on the most useful. Consider this a plant-lovers ‘need’ to embrace more of what the plant world has to offer. How wonderful it is! By no means is there any desire or effort to specialize in any of these new categories below. All of these plants are being grown because, first and foremost, we like to use them ourselves, and thus why not add them to the catalog as well? Our hope, as a beneficial side effect, is that it helps to make the nursery more interesting.

We continue to specialize in herbaceous ornamental perennials (as the catalog will make evident) for use in naturalistic planting design. Yet this year we are diversifying to plants whose usefulness are not strictly ornamental but also ‘utilitarian’, that is, edible or medicinal. Of course, beauty is emotionally ‘useful’ (my favorite medicine), but rarely is it thought of as utilitarian. Under the catalog heading Other Useful Plants one will see a variety of plants which are a few selections of their kind. The selection criteria is much the same as for the ‘strictly ornamental’ perennials and grasses: hardy, robust growing, productive, easy to propagate, native, beneficial to wildlife, and multipurpose. Some will embody a few or all of these criteria. The many of these are also good ornamentals, though that is not necessarily their greatest attribute or primary appeal. A funny thing happens when one starts to categorize things in this way – eventually we come to realize that such categorizations are somewhat arbitrary. Who is to say food is not medicinal? Or what is truly ornamental? Here we are subject to the world of relativity as created by humans through the use of language. When we say something is one thing we assume it is not the other. This being said, some of the ornamentals we have been growing for years are also edible, and or medicinal. We simply have not chosen to identify these traits.

Please visit our 2017 Nursery Catalog under the heading plants. At the end of the listing you will find all of the new additions.