The Nursery-herbaceous wildflowers-ornamental grasses-select hybrids-cultivars Inventory We believe we carry one of the most unique selections of plants available in the state. We attribute this to our passion, perspective, influences, and the fact we grow and seek much of our own, and select many of our own unique named cultivars. We believe less is more, and the number of types of plants we grow reflects this, as we have a comparatively small inventory of just over 300 varieties. This listing is the ultimate reference of all plants available for sale. Our inventory will vary from year to year based on our success in over-wintering, propagation, and sales. It is our goal to remain as true to the catalog as possible. We carry one gallon pots for all our perennials. The cost is either $10, $12, or $14 depending on the plant. For anyone building a garden from scratch, thus looking for a larger quantity of one type of plant, there is the option to buy trays of 15 quart size pots at a more economical price. This option varies from plant to plant and season to season. Some plants are unavailable this way. Thank you and enjoy: The Nursery-herbaceous wildflowers-ornamental grasses-select hybrids-cultivars]]>