Nursery News


The nursery is up and running better than ever so it seems.  That is, we are in health, spring is early, and so far it looks as if winter has been good to plantings and stock.  Aside from some new introductions, and a few deletions, the only big change from last season is in the price of plants.  Beginning this season the cost of retail plants is either $12 or $14 per gallon pot and $9 for pint pots.  Though we have enjoyed the simplicity of a uniform price, a handful of plants truly deserve a price increase due to their relative difficulty in propagation.  Wholesale prices are $10 gallon and $7 pint.  This is strictly for preorder design installations.

We hope your gardens have wintered as well as ours and we look forward to seeing new and returning customers this season.

Thanks.  Andrew


Opening day is Friday, May 14th, 9-5.