Nursery News


Happy very early spring.  We will be conducting business despite the COVID-19 outbreak, and are taking all necessary precautions to make sure our family is safe and will do the same with our customers.  The reasons we feel comfortable with this choice are 1: The whole of the nursery is in the open, outside in the fresh air.  No greenhouses to peruse, no enclosed buildings to gather in.  2: We are a small enough operation that very rarely, even without the virus, do we get more than one customer at a time.  On average there are only 3 people touring the gardens and sales area.  3: With so many restrictions placed on routine social affairs, all outdoor activities such as walking, biking, going to the beach, and GARDENING become all the more valuable.  We would like to remain open as a source of inspiration for local gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike.

We hope this is enough to encourage you to visit.  Please call or email with any concerns or questions, or pre-orders for pick up/delivery.  Let us know how we can accommodate you!

Thank you



We are conducting sales as usual – same hours, same methods.  We will be open this year on Friday, May 15, though being a cold spring, plants have been slow to develop.   People are free to visit the nursery to peruse the sales areas and the display gardens.  Ring the black bell on the building if no one is immediately available.

BUT, we have also added another more streamlined method for those who are feeling particularly cautious.  In this case, people can place an order over the phone or email, have the order set aside, and then pick the order up at a chosen time and place the money, check/cash in the designated receptacle.  There is a note of reminder inside the nursery building as to the procedure.

Thank you.